Central Park | New York City | Jill VZ Senior Photos


This past Sunday, we found ourselves in Central Park, ready for a fun senior photo shoot! The flowering trees couldn't have been more gorgeous! It was chilly, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day! This is the first of many senior photo shoots for Sloane. Why not start the fun in New York City? To be honest, I'm a little sad at what this means, that she'll be a senior this fall and then soon off to college. I know her senior year is going to go by so fast, so I'm trying to put together as many fun experiences for the two of us! I'm hoping to slow it all down and create some amazing memories!!! So what better place to have a photo shoot than in central park? We traveled with our friends and had a wonderful weekend! I enjoyed the morning taking some of Claire and Sloane's senior photos!