Grad Party | High School Senior Iowa Photography

We had fabulous weather for Sloane's Open House / Grad Party! The morning started with a little rain, but then cleared off and ended up a gorgeous day! We hosted the party at our home. We used the main level of our home and the garage for the party. ideas for graduation party

We served a brunch. It consisted of yummy make your own breakfast burritos (catered by Carol), fresh cut fruit & muffins (made by Sloane's grandma), and fabulous desserts that Aunt Renee, Emily and Lisa made! And then water bottles and 3 different juices for the drinks. To keep the juices cold, we froze the juice into ice cubes a few days ahead of time.

And I just loved this idea I found on Pinterest using duct tape on water bottles! It's amazing the different designs you can find on duct tape right now. I ended up using the "designer" packaging tape for the hot pink polka dot ones. It stuck just as well. Thanks to my friend Bridget for sticking these to all of the water bottles for me!

ideas for graduation party for girls

For the photo displays, we painted one of the walls of the garage gray for the focus wall. Emily helped me frame all of the photographs and Bridget did most of the hanging! I love how it turned out! For the "collage" displays, my husband painted 3 doors bright fun colors to go with the party. Then Sloane went through boxes of photos and picked out her favorites and attached to the doors! Bridget came up with an awesome solution to hiding the central vac unit, by hanging one of my quilts using some clips.

grad party ideas using washi tape

When you came in the front door to the home, we used the large mirror as a display and covered it with different photographs of Sloane through the years! Then had a sign in / guest book area, that also had a display of all the dances Sloane attended in high school.

For the tables in the garage we used washi tape and colored masking tape. It was an easy way to add some color and fun to the white plastic table cloths! And then we split up a bouquet of flowers to spread around on the different tables.

Thanks to everyone who came over to celebrate with us! We had such a wonderful turn out for Sloane's grad party! I'm so incredibly proud of her!!! I can't wait to see what this next chapter in her life will bring. And I'm trying to not shed too many tears!!!

And a big THANKS to everyone who helped so much..... Carol & Sam, my three sisters (Emily, Renee & Lisa), my friend Bridget, and my mom/dad and mother/father-in-law!!!