Johnston High School Homecoming Night - the dresses, the shoes, the fun!

We just had our school's homecoming last weekend. We've gone through this with our son, but wow it's a whole new experience to go through with your daughter. Oh the DRAMA!!! Of course there was lots more shopping and much more preparation involved for the big day! However life became a little more stressed when there's only about 45 minutes left between the all day volleyball tournament and the time in which we were meeting for pictures. Oh well - we survived! Everyone in our daughter's group went as friends. And it seemed like a great group of teens! We first went to the Miller's home for some pre-pictures. And the typical putting on the flower pictures. Then headed downtown close to where they had their dinner reservations for the fun photos! Oh, they grow up so fast!

And here is the rest of the crew! A fine looking group if I do say so myself!

Of course I had to get a photo of the shoes! So cute! However, my feet hurt just looking at this photo!

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