Moments that will soon be gone

Something happens when you know your first born is heading out to college in a few months. Something inside says - "hang on to every moment that you can"! My poor son. He's probably sick of me giving him a hug every moment possible! But isn't that what we're supposed to do as moms?! I'm currently taking a "documenting the details" workshop with Angie Warren. Learning so much! How to document not only with words, but specifically with your camera. I was inspired to document the little moments. I decided to take photos of Andrew studying by the computer. Yeah - he did think it was a little weird. But he humored me and pretended like I wasn't there. I love the details, the moments pure and simple -- listening to his itunes, writing & studying, pausing for a quick text, then back to his homework and then playing with his hair as he studied. His backpack that he's had for the last 2-3 years is sitting by his side. These are the moments that I don't ever want to forget. I'm now thinking of so many other ones, that I will be documenting soon. And my children thought I took lots of photos before! ha! It's only just begun!