Ashtyn - Carroll HS Senior


Rainbow, sun, rain & every combination for this Iowa senior!

Ashtyn... your sweet, joyful, carefree and optimistic spirit was such a joy to photograph. We were faced with about every weather pattern possible and you smiled through it all. There was a time when we almost had to reschedule, but then we saw this rainbow! And the sun came out in such a vibrant way! Wow!

I love that I was able to photograph your sweet sister 3 years ago and now you this year!!! You have such an awesome family!  Hope you're having an amazing senior year! Just saw on Facebook that you were honored with the title of homecoming queen!!! CONGRATS!!! Keep smiling, encouraging and loving on people! You are amazing!!! carefree senior photosumbrella rain seniorsdramatic moody seniorsunset field meadow seniordes moines senior