Happy Independence Day - Father/Daughter senior photo shoot


Happy Independence Day! So excited to show you these photos from a 4th of July inspired senior photo shoot from a few weeks ago! I typically get a few photos with mom on a senior photo shoot, but this time I wanted to dedicate a whole photo shoot to dad / daughter photos! I'm not sure Maddie & Matt were as thrilled with my photo shoot idea as much as I was, but they were good sports. I know they will enjoy these photos for many many years to come! Maddie, my niece will be graduating from Urbandale High School in 2017. Her father, Lieutenant Colonel Matt Carver, has been serving in the Army National Guard for over 22 years. He even did a tour overseas when the kids were young - Operation Iraqui Freedom. Thank you Matt and family for all that you have sacrificed. I seem to take my freedom for granted all too often, since I've never known any other way of life. This is a big THANKS to all who have served in the military!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

army national guard

father daughter senior photo shoot

father daughter senior photo shoot

Des Moines High School Seniorarmy national guard

Camp Dodge

I had to include a few of the "sparkler" photos! It was kind of a fail, since I didn't get the big long lasting ones that they use at weddings, etc. Just the plain old ones you purchase at any store around the 4th of July in Iowa. You know, the ones that last about 5 seconds! ha! But it provided some fun laughs from Maddie! So I say mission accomplished! And since then I have purchased the good kind, and am ready anytime sparklers are needed in a photo shoot!

To see a photo or two from each senior photo shoot, check out my Instagram account!