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Emily is back with more fashion inspiration!

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Boho Senior Fashion...

One of my favorite trends lately has been the boho look. When I think of boho, I think about natural, wavy hair and minimal makeup with pastel colored clothing. Throwing on a maxi dress or simple sun dress, distressed denim, maybe even a flower crown if you’re feeling like it, makes it super easy to achieve this style! The boho look is so effortless and natural, which is what I love most about it! The key to adapting any fashion style is to make it your own. Take a couple of Bohemian concepts and then add it to something you normally like to wear! Mix and match styles and be unique!

XOXO - Emily Tobin


2015 Jill VZ SESSIONS in the SPOTLIGHT..

Here's Aleyna, Emily & Amber all wearing their own version of Boho fashion!

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Also check out 2014 Waukee Senior - Ali. She has an adorable Boho look in the wildflowers!