Megan - 2017 Senior Session


The 2017 High School Senior season is underway! So far it's been a blast! Just wanted to highlight one of the recent senior sessions! June sessions typically give us a variety of spring flowers to work with! Megan is a 2017 senior at Dowling Catholic High School. She's an amazing dancer. She opted to include some jumps into the shoot. I was in awe of how many times she could effortlessly throw together different jumps!!! I even have a  cool video of her doing some of her epic jumps! That will be another post on another day. Stay tuned.  

Iowa Senior Photos

So many awesome locations from downtown Des Moines to pretty much the middle of gravel roads. Which reminds me, I need to get my car washed!!! And the adventure side of the night did not disappoint. As a nice family was coming home and noticing we were pretty much photographing along side a ditch by a road, they invited us to come back to their pretty sweet piece of land and cabin home to get some photographs in some unique spots. It was such fun night. Oh wait, I always say that. But it's true. Becky & Megan are the best!!! They rolled with it when a few cars kicked up some pretty hefty white clouds of gravel dust to fill the air with what kind of looked like fog. I was excited of course! It was so fun showing them all of their photos the other day at their order session. These are some of Megan's favorites! (and Megan if you see a couple that aren't your favorites, I might have thrown in a couple of mine too!) :)


inspiring dance des moines

Also here's an email that I received from Megan's mom later that afternoon (after their order session).

"Jill, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your photography.  You truly have a special gift and I’m so glad that you were able to capture so many special pictures of Megan.  You are amazing. Thank you! -- Becky"

First of all Becky, you are super sweet! And secondly --- THANK YOU right back!!!  :)  I'm so honored to be able to do this! I seriously have the best clients!!!


blooms and flowersseniors country road iowa

I will have to say that now that the busy season has started, I find it hard to blog! But you'll want to follow along on Instagram. I typically will show at least one photo from each shoot!!! Makeup & Hair Stylist: All Dolled Up Makeup Designs.

Downtown Capitol Des MoinesDance jumps seniors

I love that we were able to get a photo of Megan & her mom!!! Aren't they the cutest?

mom and senior DowlingDowling Catholic

outside senior photos